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April 12, 1999

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! Normally, you work with people and are known for this. This, in addition to your skills, enables you to move forward and possibly have a profession that will suit your taste and salary requirements. But the December 8 astrology analysis warns that the money you spend on your whims could be saved. You like having fun and splurging on your friends but remember your short-term goals and goals for retirement. However, Sagittarius, you will not let a good time stand in your way of achieving the status that you work so hard to achieve.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Professionally, these December 8 birthday personality are qualified to do some things. You have great skills as a communicator. This could be valuable in law enforcement, public speaking, and journalism. Test Now!

Additionally, you are an honest individual who could make a name for yourself in politics. At the same time, if you are interested in performing or in the entertainment industry, my advice is to go for it.

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For personal growth, you must find a way to subdue the emotional chaos that lives within and surfaces at random. If your feelings are negatively triggered, you can react irrationally or recklessly. This careless activity causes you to be prone to accidental injury.

You feel tense when you are inactive as your nervousness needs an outlet. At times you will do something odd just for the shock-value. Your need to be unrestrained can make it challenging to settle down in one location or with a partner. As you are prone to angry bursts, it would be best if you developed a way to hone your patience.

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You are hopeful, idealistic, and imaginative. The notions that come into your mind are often on a grand scale. At times you may find yourself unable to follow through on the promises you have made, due to being overly positive about your capabilities or the circumstances at hand. You are talented in sales and advertising. Aiding others is something you strive for, though people may abuse your good-will as your emotions can run high and you may too easily empathise with someone who is down on their luck.

You feel that humanity is connected as a whole and what affects one person, affects the entirety. Benefits come to you from unknown places though they may also be lost by deception, rumours, or indulgence. Staying positive regardless of the circumstances is natural to you, though be sure to keep grounded. You have a strong belief that upcoming situations will be for the best, but you must be mindful to stay practical and not falsely believe the circumstances are more glorious than they really are. You are giving, compassionate, and caring, and are likely to feel a pull towards the spiritual realm.

Objectivity may also be difficult for you due to self-centredness. You enjoy communicating to others about all the things you love, think, or feel but are disinterested in hearing about other people. You are witty, with a sharp mind and a hunger for knowledge and new stimulation. If you are unable to experience novel situations, you become disinterested in your life; consistent mental stimulus is imperative for you. You are well able to convey your views and can be adept at persuading others, though you need to apply a greater focus while listening to people.

Often you are trying to figure out what your next point in the conversation will be and miss out on what was said. You run on a high voltage and may develop little nervous habits. Finding an outlet for your anxiety by use of your hands may alleviate this nervous energy. In addition, try to focus more on what other people are contributing to the situation rather than being immersed in your own talents.

You over-indulge and are prone to excess. It may be difficult for you to fully commit yourself to anyone as you can be a bit self-involved.

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At times you are narrow-minded, particularly when religion is involved. Your reasoning can be a bit faulty and you tend to over-promise in all of your excitement and later be unable to follow through. You may come across as arrogant while inside you are insecure instead. You tend to talk yourself up, exaggerating your skills.

You have trouble focusing on anything long enough to see it to completion. Big hopes and dreams fall short in reality as you are unable to motivate yourself or persevere enough to make them happen. However, you always remain hopeful regardless.

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Frustrations are likely to rise as you are unhappy with the duties and restrictions you have been dealt. You may go through many trials and tribulations in order to test your convictions. There is also a possibility of trouble with the law and authority figures. It would be a good idea to look within and establish at which point self-assurance becomes narcissism.

You like to feel as though you are someone worthy and valuable which can quickly turn into arrogant behaviour, causing you to showcase yourself to others in a flashy manner. You can be ungrateful, prone to wasting your assets and energy. You should be mindful that you have calculated your decisions with care as you may lose out harshly because of debts, hearsay, investing, or your fondness for a gamble.

Your social status is valuable to you. Be mindful as your health may be susceptible to trouble with the circulatory system and you must pay attention to the health of your arteries. Your tendency to over-indulge may also create health concerns, particularly issues with weight; make sure you get plenty of exercise and activity.

Others may view you as scatter-brained and stuck in the clouds. Visionary potential can be very powerful, but potential is meaningless if you cannot get the concepts off of the ground. If reality seems too harsh, you will change the current situation in your head to resemble what you wish to be real and then replay this scenario mentally until you believe it as true. There is a tendency towards escapism that needs to be watched for, particularly in regards to substance abuse, as this will make your troubles worse instead of better.

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It is important for you to look your demons in the eye, as they will only grow stronger until you do. You have trouble remembering things sometimes and can come across as a space-cadet. It is not your intelligence that is in question, only that you are often in your own world and it would do you well to visit us on this planet every so often.

Clarity of thought is not easy for you to come by and communicating your thoughts or feelings proves even more difficult.

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  5. Often when you try to explain yourself, you do so in a fashion that only confuses others further. Using art as a form of communication may actually help you convey what you cannot say verbally. If you focus yourself enough, you will find a way to express your message. It is also within your character to purposefully try to fool people.

    Focusing on anything beyond your own world up in the clouds can be challenging for you and will require discipline. Unfortunately, your perception is often muddled and therefore your deductions are inaccurate at best. You have a very vivid, action imagination and are often talented in various forms of art. Instinctively you are able to comprehend what others often miss and you have an uncanny sense of who people really are with very little to go on. The same is true of circumstances that you are involved with.

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    Subjects that are mysterious hold your fascination though you need to be mindful of getting involved with destructive mystical situations, for instance calling forth on dark spirits or hypnosis. Scientific material is also likely to be of interest. It can be difficult for you to decipher what is real from what is not, though you must do your best in this regard as you can be easily tricked by what you think you see.

    If you are unable to do this, others may perceive you as dishonest when the truth is that you believe your own lies. Try to channel your active imagination into creative ventures and leave the fantasies to live in your projects instead of the real world. Traditional methods of education are unlikely to work for you as you need to gather your information through unconventional means, usually learning through soaking in what is around you. Having direct experience or coming into contact with someone who has direct experience in a subject is more likely to make an impact on you than trying to make sense of the words you see in books.

    You may have a gift in creative writing, particularly having to do with visualisations and telling stories.

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    Your environment affects you deeply and therefore it would be best if you were careful in where you go and who you surround yourself with; you absorb whatever energy you come into contact with. You commit to things that you are unable to see through to the end. Many of the tales you tell are amped up so as to create a larger impact. You are unlikely to believe in religion due to not being able to wrap your head around the matter. You prefer working on a grand scale and leaving the details to someone else. There is an almost obsessive habit of going back again and again to make sure you did something like close the window or put the phone on the charger.