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The improvement in this direction interested other regions like Europe, India and the Middle East and soon spread to other nations also. Babylonians have played a key role in spreading this system to China and Greece where it merged with the systems that existed there.

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In the middle of 4th century B. C Babylonian astrology found a way into Greece.

Late 2nd or early 1st century was the time it blended with the Decanic astrology of ancient Egypt to develop into horoscopic astrology. The use of the ascendant was employed along with the twelve celestial houses that were derived from it. The ascendant is known, in Greek, as horoskopos "hour marker" and after this the system came to be known as horoscopic astrology.

As a shift from the traditional way, drawing up of natal chart astrological chart of an individual for the date and time of his birth according to the position of the planets and stars came into practice which is considered as a significant contribution of Hellenistic astrology. This new form quickly spread across the ancient world into Europe, and the Middle East. He bears the credit for propounding the geocentric theory that prevailed for over years.

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Universal astrology, Natal astrology and Katarchic astrology are the three major subdivisions of Hellenistic astrology which have been explained below:. Too Funny! Yes more of this stuff Patrick.

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Skip to content. Valens says to investigate topics of marriage you have to look at: The sign of your 7th whole sign house What sign your Venus is in Other planets in the same sign as your Venus Aspects to your Venus Ruler of your Venus 2. Valens says your spouse is more likely to have a premature death, injuries, diseases, pains or other problems if: Venus is conjunct, square or opposed by Mars or Saturn Or if the traditional ruler of your Venus is in aspect with Mars or Saturn 5.

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Valens says you are more likely to be unmarried and unsociable if: Venus is in the 7th whole sign house and Saturn aspects Venus 6. Valens says your spouse is more likely to be sterile and sickly if: Your Venus is opposite Saturn 8. Valens says your spouse is someone beneath your station if: Your Saturn is conjunct the Midheaven and opposite Venus 9.

Valens says you marry below your station and are caused grief in marriage if: Your Venus is conjunct Saturn in the 7th or 4th whole sign house, or in the same sign as the IC. Valens says you may hook up with prominent or elderly women, regardless if you are male or female if: Your Venus is conjunct Saturn Saturn is in Taurus or Libra If Venus is in a superior aspect with Saturn and, Your Jupiter is in aspect with both Venus and Saturn Valens says you may engage in relations with siblings if: The Moon and Venus are in the same sign and in the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th whole sign house The Moon and Venus are in aspect to Mars and Jupiter Valens says you may be jealous if: Your Moon is square or opposed to Venus Especially so if Mars aspects the Moon-Venus square or opposition Valens says your marriage may be shameless, degrading and rebellious, involving disreputable or lower class people, for whose sake you are snowed under with trouble if: Your Venus is in aspect with Saturn in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 11th whole sign houses However, if the above applies it can be canceled by an intercepting aspect from another planet.

Valens says you may cheat on your spouse without shame or impunity with prominent people of high status, have few children or have difficulties getting pregnant if: Jupiter is in aspect to Venus Valens says you may become successful, wealthy, well-regarded by famous people if: Your Venus is in Pisces Your Venus is in an aspect with Jupiter If the above applies to you, Valens says you may also be vigorous, shrewd, intelligent, charming, promiscuous and unstable in marriages if: Your Mercury is also aspecting the Venus-Jupiter aspect Valens says you may have a good marriage but experience the grievous death of a good spouse if: Your Venus is in the whole sign 12th house Your Venus is in Taurus, Libra or Pisces Your Jupiter is in a superior aspect to your Venus, especially a trine Valens says you may become an adulterer, a victim of adultery, a dirty unlovable person and consequently drawn into difficulties if: Your Venus is in the 12th house Your Jupiter does not aspect Venus Your Mars aspects Venus Valens says generally you may experience separations, deaths, grief-producing unions if: Your Venus is conjunct Mars or Saturn Or worse, if your Moon is also in a conjunction, square or opposition to your Venus-Mars conjunction or Venus-Saturn conjunction.


What is Hellenistic Astrology?

Strong differences arise in the meanings of astrological houses and the system of essential dignities. In the teaching of the medieval schools, the five known dignities which a planet can have, are numerically added together. As a result a sort of strongest planet emerges. During the translation from Hellenistic times via the Persian works to the medieval sources, many mistakes occurred.

It was never intended for dignities to be added together.

Hellenistic Astrology 2 - Primary Chart Rulers

Every system of dignity has its own unique features. Hellenistic astrology takes this into account. The House System also differs greatly. Hellenistic astrology has only one system: the whole sign is the whole house system.