February 24 tarot

The planets stimulate each other and work together to help you.

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This is not a good time to make Big Decisions because the Moon is wandering until she finds her new home in the sign of Sagittarius. Tuesday, February 26, You might decide to manipulate a situation to stay in control, or you might use your power to overcome an obstacle and fight for what you believe in.

Kabbalistic Tarot Training: symbolism of the Major Arcarna

After reflecting on your accomplishments, you must accept that you have done everything that was possible for you. Now is the time to heal and become revitalized and to wisely plan your next move. Thursday, February 28, The Sextile is harmonious and opens a new pathway related to growth. If you seize the opportunity in front of you, you might reap the rewards.

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This is not a good time to make Big Decisions because the Moon is wandering until she finds her new home in the sign of Capricorn. Friday, March 1, You might decide to experiment and lose your fear of taking a risk, or something might happen that comes out of the blue. Venus wants, needs and desires enters the zodiac sign of Aquarius at PM UTC and you start a new cycle of change to make social connections, romantic connections, and explore the unusual.

Cancer, have faith and trust that you what you know will guide you. You may not need to know everything in order to take the steps you need to take and want to.

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  8. Leo, when you least expect it, things will improve. You may not have imagined just how good a situation would improve, but when it does, it's exactly what you want and need.

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    Virgo, don't deviate too far off the path. You may want to change the way things are done around a social situation, but you'll wind up getting resistance or not being the most popular person for the moment.

    Libra, this is a time to build, up your talents, learning, and grow skills that may have been dormant for some time, but are there. Dust off your boots and prepare to grow. Scorpio, although there's a situation that you've learned to deal with for now, it may not be too long that you will want to change things.

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    You may no longer be comfortable keeping up the status quo. Sagittarius, the new ace of the sleeve is just how much you do know and how much more you can learn to improve your career and home life situation.


    Capricorn, this is a happy time and things are ready for you to move forward. You may be in a better mood as a result and money could be coming in from a friend or relative to help you get more of what you need.

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    Aquarius, there's someone who you may have been wanting to talk to and who wants to have the same conversation with you, too. This could involve a romantic conversation that clarifies feelings or status. Pisces, you are feeling more like yourself and this is a time where you can feel more secure about who you are but who you want to be in the future.

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