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Susan Miller writes a through and in-depth monthly horoscope forecast for each sign of the zodiac each and every month. We've never seen more detailed monthly horoscopes. Her readings cover all the important topics, including love and relationships, career and business, health and travel. Susan highlights important dates during the month and also summarizes her extensive forecast. She features investment picks, and gets right at the planetary emphasis for the month.

Dropping clues and power dates throughout her readings, she strives for an honest, accurate forecast.

Susan Miller Predicted One Of The Best Years Of My Life

A wide range of monthly astrology predictions from our sister site. Concise monthly astrology readings often render monthly horoscopes pointless. Not so with these accurate and to the point predictions.

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Well-written and accurate horoscope forecasts. Worth visiting for the other astrology readings too.. A terrific monthly horoscope highlight for all zodiac signs, as well as yearly astrology for We love reading Penny Thornton's predictions and we're sure you will too. She gives a solid monthly horoscope forecast based on the planetary aspects, which are described in just enough detail.

Love, life and money are covered.

Your future is her business

As with her weekly forecasts, Terry Nazon gives in-depth and detailed astrological readings in these monthly horoscopes. Be sure to browse around. There's a lot of information on her website about the 12 star signs and this month's astrological events. Do you need any more from your horoscope than that?? With our mouths. Are innuendos not the greatest thing to come from the human language?

Did you know that his real name is Christopher? That makes the Cris in Ludacris way funnier.

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You know. Mars is back in town from the 5th to August 27th and it is lighting a fire under all that has seemed stagnant at work. Get ready — but you probably are. August 16th will show further proof that your career is a sky rocket to the candy store of delights, and on August 21stnd, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter always use condoms! But for you, sweet pea, it is really about L-O-V-E. That bow-chick-ow-wow. Thank Mars.

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But you have to activate it by socializing. And travel.

Travel, travel, travel! I am sober right now! The 18th? Also a good day for love. The 22nd? Great day for your career as is the 27th. Or all three. I will hold it. But today I exhaled. Thank you. I have been waiting to blossom. It may also have something to do with our two Five-Star Days. These are two days that are going to be excellent — not an expensive brand of notebooks.

Our creativity will be activated, too, which is something we all know is beneficial when it comes to love making etc. So, my job here is done. Gemini, what the heck were you even worrying about?? This month is all about you. One of them is bound to sprout up at some point, right? S: I do. I have to be done on the 20th of the month to get them edited and posted in time for the 1st.

I have to stay up day and night to get them finished.

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Here, Susan wears her own dress and jewellery. P: When I started editing a website in , I was told nobody would read anything longer than words.

S: Five hundred when we launched in ! But you know, that was a condition of my contract with Time Warner. The way I write, the readers will come back.

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P: The technical nature of online stats and mobile platforms seems rather at odds with the mystery of the stars. S: Astrology sites usually attract high-school dropouts, but my readers are very upscale. And 40 per cent are male. A trine of is fabulous — divine harmony. A conjunction is the strongest of all astrological aspects.

S: Two planets at the same sign and degree. I also use this professional calendar of planetary aspects. My job is like having eight plates, plus the sun and the moon, on sticks, spinning.

You need to keep an eye on all of them, looking out for lunar eclipses and any retrograde planets. S: Yes — say when Mercury goes About ten years back, when I used to write a column for the Daily News , they tried to make me sign a contract when Mercury was in retrograde, and of course I refused.

You must face a fair degree of scepticism. S: It can be hard. We have no idea. P: Would you consider taking part in a blind test where you had no idea whose chart you were reading? S: They do that at the conventions. They put up the chart of an anonymous criminal without revealing the outcome of the trial — it might turn out to be OJ or someone. You can have Uranus conjunct Mars in the 12th house, like OJ, which means he has a lot of trouble handling rage, but most people find a way of dealing with that. S: Yes.

P: Where did your passion for astrology come from? Were you good at geometry as a child?