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A Mars-Saturn square denotes people who tend to use collective power and social sanction for self-aggrandizement, waste resources and money usually other people's , promote social and religious fanaticism East or West with no care for how destructive their beliefs and actions are, and--there's no other way to say it--to wage war. Political and social controversies are certainties to be triggered or aggravated by this square yet as Ebertin says, 'blind zeal is detrimental'.

A do-or-die attitude will be noticed along with strong willpower, the potential for violent acts to occur, plus, we may expect that weapons of war will be on society's mind if not on our menu. So as you see, August, October, and December are key months for aggressive Mars on its determined march through Aries and although the energies may not express easily, we may hope that the blocks and frustrations created by what are karmic squares to impulsive Mars may create some relief for humankind even as we reap what's been sown which can be either positive or negative depending on the sort of seeds planted in the past.

Now as you know, fiery Aries squares Cancer and Capricorn, opposes Libra, sextiles Gemini and Aquarius, and trines Leo and Sagittarius, so personal planets in those signs will be affected at various points by energetic Mars in Aries Post a Comment. No comments:. She includes many details on aspect patterns, history of past grand sextiles, and connections now to the NY Stock Exchange, the U.

Gemini Rising and Sibly charts, and to Barack Obama. It is a multidimensional mandala composed of sextiles, trines, oppositions, midpoints, dual elements, and singular sign polarity. Amy Bird delineates each of the planets comprising the Grand Sextile — July 29, Use the potentials within this beautiful configuration for your highest good. Millions wishing for peace; and in May and August of that year, they got it.

Are we generous and flowing, or are we convinced that the world is scary and FEAR is the only sane response? Is that the best we can do? This Grand Sextile can also help you get clear about what you truly desire.

It may involve a certain type of specialized genius or unique self-expression, anchored in the core teaching of learning how to get beyond fear. Imitation expands opportunities, even as we tear ourselves away from the known and familiar, mastering discouragement in the marketplace of life. All Water and Earth. All harmonious aspects, all hooked up together in an unbroken circuit. The harmony of the sextiles and trines will drown out any tension. Also, Mars-Pluto opposes US progressed Neptune, which adds potentials for disasters related to water, oil, or gas, causing secret harm to others, and use of cunning and deceit — you know: Washington and state politicians behaving badly.

Coming to terms with the water is essential. Push it and blowback is likely. Ride it, swim, surf, float, canoe. Experiment with metaphors; some will fit certain days, others…others. Let the current carry you, and some days going with the flow will also mean full speed ahead. In this mundane analysis, Summer in the U. All the unseen realms are going to be emphasized this coming year in a very strong way. Water symbolizes secrets and all the hidden subterranean depths of the human psyche.

It also symbolizes the subtle dimensions where other entities often hide and, with stealth, feed on those unaware. Oh yes, how many of us are aware that the unseen dimensions are inhabited by not just viruses, bacteria, and mutant cells, but also actual entities?

Think about that one for a while! Perhaps we will learn more about the astral realm in the months ahead. This is a straightforward presentation with lots of good data — i. Caroline Casey will be having a live event, Summer Solstice Swoosh! The live event is not free; please see website for details.

If you want to understand the broader use of declination and the solstice points in astrology, here are two good articles:. Declination for Beginners by Paul Newman.

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I think it was my windy walk on Sunday afternoon on Ocean Beach in San Francisco that inspired this collection of blogs on diverse topics — a discussion of Karl Marx from a traditional astrologer , a few views on the current transits, a look at an upcoming eclipse, and some writers that I just found and am happy to share. The author has Twelve Easy Lessons for Absolute Beginners a work in progress and a current blog that looks at the horoscope of Karl Marx.

Sitting still is a challenge and patience a chore. Yes, you can be very productive, but yes, you can also do some damage. Chiron is somehow critical in bringing us together. Who likes the individual who seems to have it all, or has no vulnerability? Somehow we identify with vulnerability and imperfection; it brings out our empathy and compassion for others.

Look up at the night sky We are part of that The universe itself Exists within us. We are star dust In the highest exalted way Called by the universe Reaching out to the universe.

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Picture four planets in Aries, like frustrated toddlers, falling down on their fannies, kicking their feet in the air, and screaming until they turn purple. The eclipsed Moon will be conjunct Saturn and the Sun will be conjunct Mars. In the midst of turmoil around the globe, already experiencing an uptick of eruptions since Mars went into Aries, new leaders among the poor and marginalized may arise. I trust everyone is enjoying the full-hearted and somewhat rambunctious step into spring, and I hope we all have a very good week.

12222 Planetary Overview

Good Monday everyone. If anyone else is starting this week feeling a bit quiet and slow? Earth Sky is a great astronomy site with highlights of what you can see in the sky for every day. TMA Editor Dena DeCastro has a series of podcast interviews archived at her site , including two with our distinguished — and ever modest — publisher, Tem Tarriktar. She describes how to find the Vertex and how to use it, including in synastry, with transits, and in progressed and solar return charts. Molly Hall at About.

It is more our problem. We are more creative with these planets when we are being conscious beings and less creative when we are less conscious. Okay everyone, that should keep us busy for a while. Onwards to a good week ahead of us. What could possibly go wrong with Mars conjoining Neptune in Pisces?

The Moon ingresses into Pisces at p. He died on December 17, Much has been made about the Mayan calendar and the End of Days. Many of us are obsessed with Zombie Apocalypse, Vampires, the biblical book of Revelations, etc.

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Emotional reactions to this pending event range from fear to dismissal to excitement and anticipation, or mixtures of many feelings. Uncertainty about the outcome is part of the package. Whatever may or may not happen on December 21, , finding inner peace, happiness and evolving in a spiritual sense is certainly the best and the only way to protect ourselves.

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We will be more sensitive to dissonance as well. On the 16th a challenging square from Venus to Neptune opens up the creative centers and enhances our craving for aesthetic experiences, but can also bring confusion and a lack of clarity.

2019 Cosmic Synchronicity: Very Rare Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune Connections

Winter Solstice What is Ending? What is Beginning? Astrologer Genevieve Vierling reports on her extensive research on the Maya predictions for December 21, including John Major Jenkins and the words of several Mayan elders. Too many words! By keeping our hearts open we will receive exactly the truths and information we need to know through this gateway into a new cycle yet to be revealed.