Vedic astrology atmakaraka saturn

It is the planet that we have the most karma to work with in this life. Both Visti Larsen and Freedom Cole gave recommendations to those who have a particular planet for the Atmakaraka.

Let us now tell you about the effects of Atmakaraka Saturn

This indicates the person has to learn humility to overcome their karma associated with ego. Due to excessive emotional dependence, the native may always be looking for relationships, or relationships will be looking for them. They need to learn to have playful competition and refrain from all forms of violence following the path of non-violence ahimsa. The person needs to control their speech, debate less, and be truthful at all times.

Such people should be particularly careful of what they say, and to whom they say it. Such people should learn to respect their teachers and elders. There is a risk of the person neglecting their spouse, or suffering separation from their spouse. They should care well for their children.

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The person needs to control their sexual energy, and refrain from lust and illegitimate sex. The person should always try to maintain purity in relations, and not to overindulge. They need to practice not giving others sorrow but instead share the sorrow of others. The native should learn to take away the sorrow of others, but not give sorrow to others. They need to practice good discernment and refraining from deception.

The AK (and DK) in Relationships

The person should learn to accept deceit and move on. The brief advice of the previous section might be helpful as a starting point in your quest of discovering your Atmakaraka, but I would like to warn you against an attitude like you need to suppress the manifestations of the Atmakaraka planet, or to act against it. I mentioned that I am trying to do so many things at once, and I would probably achieved more if I was able to concentrate on a single thing at the expense of everything else.

She answered: but this is the desire of your soul, to do many different things! Those who have Mercury Atmakaraka do need to have many gods! Since then, it became so much easier for me to fully enjoy the limitless world of knowledge. This is where you fulfil you destiny, where you work out your karma most efficiently. Do not blame yourself for those failures, but do learn your lessons well.

What I would suggest you is to learn everything you can find about the planet which is your Atmakaraka.

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  4. Atmakaraka - Knowing the Souls Desire.

Each planet has a multitude of meanings and attributions in astrology. Next, think of the most important events in your life, both positive and negative. Can you see those events as lessons of your Atmakaraka? Can you understand what you were taught then? Learn what are the most important powers given to you by your Atmakaraka, and from now on try to live in such a way that you rely on those powers and use them more and more.

But this is how you burn your karma most efficiently, and let the flame be bright! Try to raise the vibrations of everything related to your Atmakaraka, work on this consistently.


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The positions of her planets are: The Sun: 6. Here is the result: The Sun: Why Atmakaraka is So Important? This Is What Your Soul Desires The brief advice of the previous section might be helpful as a starting point in your quest of discovering your Atmakaraka, but I would like to warn you against an attitude like you need to suppress the manifestations of the Atmakaraka planet, or to act against it. Sir, any guidance with regards to career and spirituality? Rahu confuses me a lot in seeing this clearly. Jai hari.

Atmakaraka Planet: What Is Your Soul Purpose?

You are mixing Rashi and Navamsa concepts. My dob is As per tithi parvesha chart my Hindu birthday Falls on 13 march as per my limited knowledge. Sir, My AK is Venus exalted in lagna and navmansa. Lagna is cancer. Narayana casa is meena rasi and nakshatra dasa is Venus. I am satisfied materially but I want to progress in spiritual life. Requesting your guidance. Could you also please elucidate what a Vargottama AK signify? That is a misnomer.

Rahu by definition is the reverse motion of the eclipse cycle which is about The correct way to calculate this is the average which is called the mean position. If Rahu was not retrograde it would lose the power to eclipse the luminaries. Jaimini Maharishi has clarified this by making them retrograde all the time. What they call true node is the wobble of the motion. If the so called true node is used, Rahu cannot be retrograde.

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If Rahu is not retrograde, what justification is there to calculate the charakaraka position in the reverse? Respected Guruji, Kindly tell how to find atmakarka in a birth chart? Also what is amatyakarka and how to find it? Guruji, Pranams. My atmakaraka saturn in Rasi is in third house from tula lagna and in 10th house in navamsa from kumbha lagna. The twelth house from AK in D1 is vruschika unaspected or occupied by any planet and D9 is not having any planet in 12th from AK saturn placed in scorpio with mercury DK from aries is aspecting tula the 12th place.

I want to know if that any way indicate mukti or liberation? Since Dindicates past life karma ans since you have mentioned that Debilitated AK indicates Naraka experience, does it mean that in my past life I experienced the same…. In Lagna, Mars is ascendant lord placed in 7th house… In Navamsha, it is 12th house in its own sign.

Namstey Sanjayji, You are my gurus guru.

Atmakaraka, the Ruler of the Soul

Though I have never personally met PVR ji, but learnt using his recorded lessons. I hope you could help my confusion go away.

Atmakaraka & Karkamasa In Vedic Astrology

For my pieces lagn, I have my AK mar exalted in rasi chart with amtyakaraka mer, but in debility in navamsa and with Mer in cancer. Does such positions indicate mixed result?. How does one interpret these results?