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Willmann-Bell, Categories : Astronomy-related lists Future timelines Futurology. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Webarchive template archiveis links CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list Orphaned articles from January All orphaned articles All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Halley's Comet reaches perihelion as it returns to the inner Solar System.

Venus occults Jupiter. Mercury occults Neptune. The planetoid Sedna reaches perihelion. Polaris appears furthest North. Polaris's maximum apparent declination taking account of nutation and aberration will be 0. The first time Pluto reaches aphelion since its discovery. Sedna overtakes Eris as the farthest known planet-like object orbiting the Sun.

Long-duration lunar eclipse of approximately Halley's Comet returns to the inner Solar System. Long duration 7 min 14 s total solar eclipse, Solar Saros Long 7 min 26 s total solar eclipse, saros The longest total solar eclipse of the century. Venus occults Spica the first time since November 10, The longest total solar eclipse of the century, at 6 min.

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Venus occults Antares for the first time since September 17, BC. The last time this is believed to have occurred was on February 1, Long 7 min. The dwarf planet Eris completes one orbit of the Sun, since its discovery in First total solar eclipse [13] visible from London since The distance between Mars and the Earth will arrive at a new remarkable minimum, at 55,, The remnants of Comet Ikeya-Seki are expected to return to the inner solar system. It was last seen from Earth in , and broke into three pieces as it approached the Sun.

Predicted possible impact date for asteroid DA , the near-Earth object with the highest known probability of crashing into Earth. Due to the precession of the equinoxes , Gamma Cephei becomes the North star. First transit of Venus which is not part of a pair since November 23, Expected return of Comet McNaught-Russell. Multi-triple conjunction between Jupiter, Saturn , Uranus and Neptune. So looking at the oppositions we see that Venus opposite Neptune can be love delusion, Moon opposite Saturn, depression and disappointment and Mars opposite Pluto can be abuse. A very advanced soul could certainly make magic with this one, but it in the wrong hands, those lovely trines could be putting a glossy veneer on top of deep rot happening inside.

Those trines will do anything to uphold the status quo, however Mars opposite Pluto may just erupt and burst the trine-tastic bubble. Karmic Saturn is on Gacrux the April Lunar eclipse degree in the crucifix still. A holy war? We have enough of those on this planet right now, so I think this is more than that. The Sun on Praesaepe is invoking the spirit of the ancestors, so this could be a spiritual war about belief systems and ancient V modern wisdom. Is it that Garden of Eden moment once again?

Lilith is there holding the apple. But the habitual moon and our family programming is warning us off the forbidden fruit. Associated with the Sun, suicidal thoughts will be eminent in female cosmograms.

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So we have all this in the earth trine opposite Mars. See the last two columns for more information on those alignments. Actually, there are three exact returns during ; the other two fall on July 11 and December The core of this catharsis is revolution. The United States is fundamentally a country of ideals—ideals we have failed to live up to time and time again. From the original genocide of and ongoing violence against Native Americans to the most recent violence towards immigrants who we no longer seem to respect to the institutionalization of slavery and the continuing practice of black oppression and every other form of bigotry to religious freedom which we no longer honor to the exploitation of the Earth and her resources, very little has changed; very little has shifted since the essential conceit that all men—let alone women—are created equal.

Pluto signifies change at the core—it is the process of death and rebirth, and the alchemical principle of creativity and transformation. It always, always, always demands authenticity and tends to violently strip away all that is not true or genuine.

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  5. And so we find ourselves in our current dilemma: facing the reality of political, social, and economic hypocrisy, with all of those who have been excluded from the ideal of democracy demanding equality, and with many more waking up to the idea of deserving equality. Fortunately the status quo has been blown to pieces—and we may have Mr. Trump, his Gang of Hungry Ghosts, and his army of deplorables to thank for lifting that cloak of invisibility and making egregious societal undercurrents undeniable. Nevertheless, that poison must be transmuted as we move forward. The United States Pluto Return is the test of our combined alchemical power—and we are already in it.

    And yet one of the lessons we are learning is that to shift the balance of power we must use power with conscious intention. Consciously choosing your revolutionary stance, contributing your heart and spirit to envision a true egalitarian democracy, might be the most powerful way to handle the turmoil of this Pluto Return, especially when you remember that the combination of love and revolution creates evolution.

    Presence is key to navigating the unpredictable astral tides this week. This assessment has nothing to do with the floods that many people are experiencing in the southern United States and around the globe.

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    The autumnal equinox on September 22, when the Sun moves into Libra, marks the end of our summer of discontent, but the consequences of what the last several months have set in motion persist, and finding wholesome ways of negotiating positive resolution to those problems is the task at hand. Families are still separated, children are still in cages, corruption at almost every level of the Trump regime still undermines government structures that support democracy, and the divide between our worst and best selves, individual and collective, continues to inflame daily life.

    When things fall apart great transformation is possible, but only if we are willing to seize the moment and make it so. The best way through these waves is developing and maintaining the ability to stay present for what is—not denying, not fixing, but paying attention to how the collective picture reflects the personal one. This letting go is likely to be the greatest challenge, especially in the current atmosphere of fear and unrest.


    Quite the contrary; I am advising participation with an awareness that we are still in the process of creating the future, and what may look like a viable solution in this moment may not be viable a year from now. Both planets were understood to embody societal trends.

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    When Jupiter and Saturn formed a conjunction, as they do every twenty years, astrologers looked not only to what Sign they were sharing, but also to the Element in which they were occurring. That shift of Elements—Fire, Earth, Air, and Water—occurs approximately every years—and when it does, a new epoch is said to begin. The coming conjunction shifts the next cycle into Air Signs, which is understood as an epoch of ideas. Triple conjunctions are quite rare, which makes looking back on those years to see what was set in motion is a good way to decipher what lies ahead.

    For a complete table of these conjunctions and an excellent explanation of how the cycles shift, see: www. Jupiter represents the principle of social harmony and justice and when it transits Capricorn, those characteristics form the basis of a mission to actualize ideals, which means we can anticipate increased efforts to establish a new social order. Given the intensity of the new cycles in , the United States Pluto Return in is certain to be a game-changer, which is why I am calling that Pluto Return the American Revolution 2.

    As you move through the coming weeks, try to keep in mind the magnitude of the astrological thresholds we are currently moving through. Thresholds are liminal locations that allow a multidimensional view of reality—something we need right now and going forward. But thresholds can also be chaotic because they are where change is actually taking place. This is the power of transformation and it can be terrifying.

    Each of us plays a role in determining the outcome, as we co-create our shared reality through every thought, word, and deed. Make your role count. Sky-watching is pretty simple this week. Not much has changed since last week: we are still retrograde-free for the next couple of weeks and that freedom translates into busy schedules and jam-packed agendas, personal, professional, and political. As many of those far more educated and equipped to assess the situation have already stated, our country and our world will never be the same; Republican, evangelical, Trumpian madness has taken its toll.

    Now the main challenge is how to turn outrage against that madness into a currency that creates effectual change and real justice.

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    Four astrological signatures—all of which lie before us and three of which occur , signaling potent new cycles—point the way toward understanding our current situation. Uranus signifies revolution—it catalyzes whatever is stagnant and in need of innovation. Taurus represents resources, including money and all it buys with the exception of real estate.

    But Taurus also represents the deeper psychological values of self-esteem and self-confidence, and at an even deeper, spiritual and esoteric level, it represents the power of being a spirit in the material world, a power that includes the capacity to create. Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, Currently retrograde, it heads back into Aries on November 6, where it will stay until March 6. Both this retrograde phase and the coming reentry into Aries offer an opportunity to gain perspective on what the next Uranian cycle might be.

    My money is on a revolution in values. Really…what is the value of being a spirit in the material world if you live like a zombie?

    Natal Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

    Trump has roused a quickening of concern in many who might otherwise have adhered to the status quo and let a small group of people decide our collective destiny. This is a restrictive combination. Saturn symbolizes the bones of things—think structures stripped of the superfluous—as well as boundaries, limitations, and inhibitions.