Pisces horoscope personality traits

Pisces women are very emotional people and their strong feelings often hide their passionate sides. A Pisces woman is very sensitive, gentle and curious; it's safe to say a Pisces woman loves discovering new things. The association of Jupiter and Neptune is responsible for Pisces traits including their energy, spiritual side and compassionate behavior.

The planet Neptune governs dreams, physical skills, creativity, and philosophy. Neptune add poetical talents to the Pisces traits! Taurus will always give Pisces the advice and guidance they need. Pisces is also compatible with Cancer. Once this duo falls in love, their relationship will last forever! Pisces is incompatible with Gemini because a Pisces just can't understand their thought process or decision making. As for Sagittarius, Pisces is likely to be scared away being their tough and brash personalities.

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The Pisces personality is very friendly and selfless, but can at times feel overwhelmed by whirlwinds of strong emotions. In short, Pisces is a creative, sensual, and imaginative person, who aspires to achieve total emotional and spiritual harmony; demonstrated daily through their generosity and caring. Get the horoscope insights you need on Pisces and build better relationships with them. How much do you know about the last star sign and their personality traits? Is Pisces a Water sign?

Pisces Child Personality Traits and Characteristics (Feb 19 to Mar 20)

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Please check the fields below and click the OK button. Last name. First name. Pisces' positive traits:. Pisces boys are highly curious and are more likely to get in dangerous situations because of this. Both genders are sensitive, but they react to the same behavior in different ways.

Being belittled and insulted will make a Pisces boy angry, while it will make a Pisces girl sad. As for everything else, most things are the same when it comes to Pisces girls and boys. The high energy of an Aries parent might be too much for the sweet and kind Pisces baby. Nonetheless, the kid would certainly follow your paths. The grounding influence from the Taurus parent would lead to an affectionate relationship between these two. The Pisces child would expect a lot from the Gemini parent who is more of a thinker. Gemini parent would have to do their best to bring their passionate side in the parent-child relationship.

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Simply stated, this is the sweetest bond. Both the child and the parent are sensitive in nature and therefore share a mutual loving bond. The Leo parent would be more than comfortable to shower their Pisces baby with the unconditional love that flows out naturally. As a Virgo parent, your grounded nature should not blind you from realizing your Pisces child needs a sensitive touch.

Both the Pisces kid and the Scorpio parent share a mutual desire for a loving and a caring relationship. Your care-free attitude should not make you forget that your Pisces baby seeks a loving and tender parent-child relationship. It is quite likely that the Pisces toddler would appreciate the solid emotional connection that you would be providing them. Your airy nature as a Pisces parent would demand a lot in terms of showing your Pisces child the love and care they strongly desire.


Pisces: About This Zodiac Sign

The Pisces baby would appreciate the natural affection that the Pisces parent shares wholeheartedly. The Pisces children are interesting, creative, and intelligent. Parents will find much joy in watching their little Pisces child grow up, even if they do this a little more slowly than some of the other signs. Pisces kids are sure to make great things, both when they are young and when they grow up to be wonderfully imaginative adults!

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Pisces Child: Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Understanding the Sign of Pisces in Astrology

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1. Pisces are escapists.

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